About PEFS


Penn Engineering Financial Services (PEFS) is the financial management and custodial organization supporting the School of Engineering and Applied Science at Penn. Supporting the School’s mission of driving excellence, PEFS promotes the next generation of engineering innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders by helping to secure and manage research and grant funding, executing sourcing and procurement activities, administering payroll and providing tactical and strategic-level reporting.

PEFS Mission

Penn Engineering Financial Services (PEFS) has as its primary mission the provision of excellent financial administrative support for the faculty, staff and students of Penn Engineering in support of the School’s mission to be an international center of engineering excellence and a regional catalyst for technological innovation that prepares students to become global leaders in technology-based fields.

Driving Innovation (PEFS Strategic Plan)

In support of the growth of the Engineering school and its dedication to excellence, PEFS has identified the following strategic initiatives to further improve the level of service to our faculty, staff and students.

Fresh Service Ticketing

An effort to increase the accountability and transparency  of customer requests, the Fresh Service ticketing system will help PEFS route, service and track individual inquiries from receipt to closure.

Monthly PI Reporting

Leveraging business objects and the data warehouse, PEFS is committed to providing standardized monthly grants reporting using the Dashboard tool and Google Docs.