Student Group Services

Welcome Penn Engineering Student Groups! Please see the following guidelines to help you plan, coordinate and fund your Student Group activities.


To request a copy of, or discuss your budget, please contact your advisor or Kim Marker at Be sure to communicate to PEFS when you are expecting additional funding from any other source including: other schools, donors, gifts, etc.


Student groups should only use Penn-approved caterers. Penn Approved Caterers list.

Guidance: Catering Order

  1. Place Order with Penn Approved Caterers
  2. Email Vendor Invoice to and provide the account to charge.
  3. PEFS will respond by providing the Purchase Order (PO) number.
  4. Vendor submits the final invoice to Accounts Payable for payment.

Ordering Supplies

Student Groups should only use Penn Marketplace to order supplies.

Guidance: Ordering Supplies or Using Outside Vendors

  1. Supplies purchased from non approved vendors are not tax reimbursable unless places the order for you. Contact for a list of vendors, if the desired vendor is not Penn approved, PEFS will set them up in the Marketplace as a vendor prior to booking your event or placing an order.
  2. Identify supplies and vendor including:
    1. Vendor Name
    2. Item number and description
    3. Quantity
    4. Unit Price
    5. Shipping location
  3. Submit the requisition directly through Marketplace or to
  4. PO Vendors submits the final invoice to AP for payment, this is an agreement made with Accounts Payable when they agree to be a PO Vendor
  5. Invoices for non PO vendors should be submitted to prior to the event, we will set the vendor up in the Marketplace for payment.

Guidance: Ordering Amazon Supplies

  1. Identify the item required on Amazon
  2. Send an email to containing:
    1. Amazon item description and link
    2. Quantity
    3. Price
    4. Shipping location
  3. PEFS will complete the transaction and respond with order information

Travel and Reimbursement

Use this link to complete travel related reimbursements. Reimbursements for the items below should be routed through Concur. Please see the PEFS Travel page for guidance.

  • Taxis
  • Travel
  • Off Site Restaurants

Contact Information

Student Group Leadership must provide PEFS with contact information for:

  • Group Advisors
  • Treasurers
  • Any individuals approved to make purchases on behalf of the student group.

Event Approval

Penn Engineering student groups must have pre-approval for all off campus events from a faculty/staff advisor and PEFS. Student Groups that do not have pre-approval for their event may not be reimbursed.  Student groups should provide PEFS with an itinerary of expected events at the beginning of each semester.

Event Safety

No event that can cause bodily harm will be reimbursed. These events include axe throwing, gun range, etc. If you think that your event is potentially dangerous, please contact for guidance.

Gift Cards

Student Groups cannot purchase gift cards and give them as gifts, awards, prizes or tokens of appreciation.

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