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Office Location + Hours

PEFS is located at 3600 Market Street, Suite 250.

Office Hours are 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (Monday – Friday) By appointment only.

PEFS Inquiry Support

Financial Transaction Services (appears as “PEFS Purchasing”) – Assistance with PO, NPO and Pro Card procurement activities (appears as “PEFS Travel”) –Flight approval, World Travel and Concur assistance

Payroll Services (appears as “PEFS Payroll”) – Assistance with Workday, Employee Onboarding and Payroll assistance

Research Services – Assistance with research proposal development and submission – Assistance with grant management

Decision Support – Reporting and budgeting assistance

Full Contact List

Service Area Name Role Email Address Phone Number

DECISION SUPPORT Kenneth Sambucci Financial Analyst/Data Analyst 215.898.1616
DECISION SUPPORT Christine Maguire Financial Coordinator 215.898.3201
POST AWARD SPECIAL PROJECTS Rick Ferraiolo Director Special Projects 215.898.1807
OPERATIONS/SINGH/STUDENT GROUP PRGMS Kim Marker Operations Administrator 215.898.1747
PAYROLL Tiffany Haas Payroll Director 215.746.5337
PAYROLL Dawn Norris Payroll, Manager 215.898.1964
PAYROLL Heather Carpenter-Murray Payroll Coordinator 215.898.8113
PAYROLL Kelly Banks Payroll Coordinator 215.898.3353
PAYROLL Joshua Williams Sr. Payroll Coordinator 215.898.2442
RESEARCH SERVICES Mark West Director 215.898.3150
RESEARCH SERVICES William Burns Director, Pre-Award

RESEARCH SERVICES Pamela Frazier Associate Director, Pre-Award 215.746.7068
RESEARCH SERVICES Suzanne Chan Grants Manager, Pre-Award 215.898.0046
RESEARCH SERVICES Emily Ciliberti Grants Coordinator, Pre-Award 215.898.9346
RESEARCH SERVICES Michael McCarthy Grants Coordinator, Pre-Award 215.746.4987
RESEARCH SERVICES Victoria McManus Grants Coordinator, Pre-Award 215.898.4542  
RESEARCH SERVICES Sienna Pyle Grants Coordinator, Pre-Award 215.573.7099
RESEARCH SERVICES Melanie Rose Sr. Grants Coordinator, Pre-Award 215.898.2003
RESEARCH SERVICES David Spain Grants Coordinator, Pre-Award 215.573.3350
RESEARCH SERVICES Katherine Thompson Grants Coordinator, Pre-Award 215.573.0303
RESEARCH SERVICES Chelsea Gu Assistant Director, Post-Award

RESEARCH SERVICES Nicholas Mancuso Grants Manager, Post-Award

RESEARCH SERVICES Towanda Marner Grants Manager, Post-Award

RESEARCH SERVICES Barbara Milano Associate Director, Post-Award

RESEARCH SERVICES Amy Sulaiman Business Manager, Post-Award

RESEARCH SERVICES Terry Torres Associate Director, Post-Award

RESEARCH SERVICES Val Walker Business Manager, Post-Award

RESEARCH SERVICES Greg Wilson Grants Manager, Post-Award

RESEARCH SERVICES Kyle Winkelspecht Business Manager, Post-Award

PROCUREMENT Amy Deitz Director, Procurement Services

PROCUREMENT Valerie Beulah Manager, Purchasing 215.898.2782
PROCUREMENT Kimberly Howatt Procurement- Procard Program Coordinator 215.898.3404
PROCUREMENT Mary Reif Procurement – Office Admin Assistant 215.573.7901
PROCUREMENT Lillian Thomas Procurement – Financial Admin Coordinator 215.746.8894
PROCUREMENT Danielle Williams Procurement – Office Admin Assistant

PROCUREMENT/TRAVEL Annesia Sin Manager, Travel Services 215.898.1763
PROCUREMENT/TRAVEL Carol Heffer Sr. Procurement Coordinator, Travel 215.573.7544
PROCUREMENT/TRAVEL Francesca Savini Financial Admin. Coordinator, Travel 215.898.3042
HUMAN RESOURCES Denise Lay Senior Director, Human Resources, SEAS 215.573.5640
HUMAN RESOURCES Kathryn Fogle Immigration and Employment Compliance Manager 215.746.7539
EXECUTIVE SUPPORT Jessica Templeton Executive Support to the Vice Dean 215.573.4505
EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP Christopher Bristow Executive Director, Facilities and Finance 215.898.7915
EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP Laura Mohr Senior Director,  Budget and Planning 215.573.1220
EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP Gail Shannon Senior Director, Financial Services 215.898.8113