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The following message is being sent on behalf of Corporate Tax, Compliance and Payroll

Beginning in January, 2020, foreign national students and employees will be able to meet with representatives of the Corporate Tax, Compliance, and Payroll Office to discuss issues related to tax treaties, payroll taxes, tax forms, FNIS (Foreign National Information System), and Sprintax.
All inquiries must involve the foreign individual’s relationship with Penn (employment, scholarship, etc.) as the representative is prohibited from giving personal tax advice. Visitors should bring all supporting documentation to assist in identifying and resolving issues.

The representative will be available at the Onboarding Center, 3425 Walnut Street, initially every Tuesday, 11am – 3pm and every Wednesday, 10am – 2pm. The appointment schedule will be expanded for the subsequent months to accommodate tax season volume. Schedule an in-person appointment online using Qless . Walk-ins are also welcome during appointment hours.

The following message is being sent on behalf of Corporate Tax, Compliance and Payroll

The IRS has made significant changes to its Form W-4 for calendar year 2020 that are intended to make accurate withholding easier for employees. The revised form implements changes made following the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA). The new form no longer uses the concept of withholding allowances, which was previously tied to the amount of the personal exemption and also provides several options to determine additional withholding required for multi-income households or households with other sources of income.

The new Form W-4 will be available on January 1, 2020. Employees are not required to complete a new W-4, however they are encouraged to do so to avoid having too much or too little tax withheld.

For information on how to update your W-4 in Workday, refer to the Self-Service: Access Tax Withholding Forms tip sheet.

If you have any questions, please contact the Penn Employee Solution Center at (215) 898-7372 or hcmsolutioncenter@upenn.edu. Note that University personnel cannot provide individual tax advice or assist you in completing tax forms. Please refer to the W-4 instructions for information on how to complete the form and to the IRS FAQs for more information.

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PI Grant Reports

Monthly PI grant reports are now available through dashboard, click for Decision Support to see how to access yours today.

Traveler Action Required!

PEFS Concur travel approvers have been updated. Travelers must update their approver before requesting new travel. Visit the PEFS travel page for guidance and details.

Weekly Student Workers

A self-service tip sheet with step-by-step instructions for entering weekly time reporting and other information pertinent to student workers including a self-service webinar can be found here.

The following message is being sent on behalf of Purchasing Services

Frequently Asked Travel & Procurement Questions Related to the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak