Payroll Services

The Financial Transaction Services Team helps to deliver timely and accurate compensation for Penn Engineering faculty, staff and students. Services include employee onboarding, time submissions review and approval, grant staffing management and tax documentation management. PEFS payroll resources provide guidance and HCM/Workday expertise to help Penn Engineering navigate current and future improvements to University payroll processes.

Employee Onboarding

PEFS enables new and returning employees to quickly onboard and register in the University payroll system. The PEFS team will help aggregate and complete necessary payroll forms before employees visit the University Onboarding Office.

Time Card Submission

Workday is changing the way faculty and stuff submit time cards each week. PEFS will continue to review and approve time submission from Penn Engineering faculty and staff and help faculty and staff navigate the new system implementation process. To learn more about Workday visit Workday@Penn.

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