Pre Award

The Research Services Pre Award Team provides support to Penn Engineering faculty identifying, aggregating and composing content and documentation to assist in the development of grants proposals. PEFS Pre Award services include budget development, compliance, formatting review and submission processing.

Proposal Formatting

Penn Engineering faculty and staff apply to dozens of award sponsors each year. The Research Services team provides the expertise to aggregate and develop proposals with the appropriate formatting and content requirements, simplifying a nuanced proposal development process.

Proposal Budgeting

The Research Services team utilizes established budgeting tools to help PI’s develop preliminary financial plans for research proposals. Budgets document the distribution of funds to key activities and resources over the lifetime of the award and provides financial transparency to award sponsors.

Proposal Submission

Finalized research proposals are submitted from the PEFS Pre Award office to Penn RIS, providing final formatting validation and simplified submission processing. Additionally, PEFS manages and utilizes various web based resources to directly submit faculty proposals to award sponsors, providing continuous communications and status to faculty and staff.

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Bill Burns